Jewelry Exchange Greenville, SC

Jewelry Exchange Greenville, SC

A privately owned, personally managed Jewelry Exchange Greenville, SC company in business for more than fifty years.

We have four locations in Greenville, SC, to serve customers in need of short-term loans. Now our fifth, “online” location will allow customers worldwide to benefit from our excellent prices on gold and silver, fine jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, collectibles, cameras, and other quality new and pre-owned merchandise.

Important cause we pursue

Our reputation at Jewelry Exchange Greenville, SC is one of integrity, honesty, fair dealing, and civic accountability. We are proud to be part of a merchant lending system established some three thousand years ago, and excited about combining the time-honored tradition of Jewelry Exchange Greenville, SC with the Internet’s evolving 21st century technology.

Please browse our site to discover great buys on affordable jewelry, one-of-a-kind specialty items, and unique seasonal wares, or to get information about loans and services from the Jewelry Exchange Greenville, SC location nearest you.

Jewelry Repair

Our certified (GIA) jeweler can make repairs, replace broken clasps, resize, remount, or whatever you need. Most repairs are done with a laser welder, by a certified laser technician, and are so exact, they may look better than the original!

Merchandise Purchase, Sale, and Trade – We buy, sell, and trade any item of value. If you’re running short on cash, have an item you no longer need, don’t have the time or patience for a garage sale, or are just plain tired of looking at something, bring it in and let us give you a quote!

Jewelry Repair- Bring in your jewelry, appliance, firearm, musical instrument, camera, or other item of value (see complete list on our Home Page) and we will loan you money instantly. You will need to bring a valid photo ID. Loans are payable within thirty days and are renewable.

Types of diamond rings in Greenville, SC